2019 World Championships Women’s Team Final Live Blog

The United States is the obvious gold medal favorite, but I’m excited to see how the other teams rank in comparison, and the battle for the bronze.

Marching in is happening and Melanie did this. GOLD


McCallum VT: Easy DTY, small hop back. 14.6

Melnikova UB: Misses connections in first half, but makes it through. 14.333

Tang VT: DTY, a little low but hit.

Villa FX: Good landings on all passes but stumbles out of wolf turns a little. 13.3

Carey VT: Cheng. Nearly sticks it!! 15.166

Li VT: DTY, lands a little low and steps out of bounds. 14.166

DJDS Bars: Great releaase combo, beautiful Bhawarwaj. Great. 14.366?? Low IMO

Biles VT: Great Cheng. Even better than quals. 15.4

Spiridonova: Does her usual routine, probably won’t go above 15 like quals, but still really great.

Qi VT: DTY great

Eythora BB: Didn’t show the routine, but 11.4 :(((

Ana Padurairiu BB: Immediately falls on a wolf turn, which IMO was a political statement about wolf turns in general culture. Finishes nicely. 12.133

Wevers BB: Nice BHS mount into wolf full. Hits Wevers turn, but breaks some connections. Hit. 12.866 oof.

Carofiglio: LO+double front BASICALLY STUCK YES QUEEN. Dowell. She didn’t come to play. Steps out on her last pass 😦 Great choreography though, really enjoyable to watch. 13.333

End of first rotation

  1. USA
  2. RUS
  3. CHN
  4. FRA
  5. ITA
  6. CAN
  7. NED
  8. GB

This floor rotation is a dream. We have NED and CAN rotating together

Volleman FX: Full-in steps out (I think) Good turns. Hit routine. 13.566

James VT: 1.5, nice. 13.8

Villa VT: HUUGE DTY. Amanar potential 14.666

McCallum UB: Good releases, falls over on a toe full oops…. 12.966

MDJDS BB: Falls on front pike 😦 Good rest of routine though.

They aren’t showing Moors or Wevers on floor this is a hate crime.

Biles UB: Connects releases, good tkatchev to pak combo. stuck double-double dmt! Best routine she’s ever done! 14.6

Melnikova BB: Solid LOSO, hits connections. No wobbles at all whatsoever. Small hop on double pike get it! 13.7

Tingting UB: Good start, a little messy on release. Falls on Ono UGGH END ME. FALLS AGAIN WE’RE DONE THANKS. 11.9

Lee UB: Nabieva+Pak+Maloney+Bharwaj great routine!

Kinsella VT: Good DTY, small hop

Agafonova BB: Good routine so far, hits aerial LOSO. Falls on front tuck WHY good double back dmt.

End of rotation 2

  1. USA
  2. ITA
  3. CHN
  4. RUS
  5. GB
  6. FRA
  7. CAN
  8. NED

Eaker BB: Questionable rings… very pretty aerial loso loso.

Visser VT: stuck 1.5! Nice!

Villa: Good combos almost gives me a heart attack on full pirouette. stuck dmt 14.266

Chen BB: Chinese LO great, small bobbles, good rings, triple full a lil short. 14.0

Akhaimova FX: Chuso, DLO stuck, double arabian, full-in hop back. Nice!

Olsen VT: Cheng but messy in the air.14.7

Downie UB: Hits all connections and connects ezhova to maloney! Queen! Hits routine A QUEEN 14.9!!!

Lee BB: Good start NO SUNI FALL ON LAYOUT UHHHH, wobbly a little hit rest of routine

Iorio UB: Ricna to pak, love her ezhova, double front is good.

Tingting BB: Falls and the world is over

Biles BB: Lots of pressure, nice loso loso, only full-in dmt. Great!

Li BB: Great fhs front flip, good splits, great double pike!

End of 3rd:

Tang FX: Triple full puch front, 2.5 pike, double pike clean overall and good triple spin. 13.5

MDJDS VT: Huuuuge DTY! She’s improved so much on this vault.

Lee FX: Great silivas and double lo, 1.5 1.5, hitting all her dance elements beautifully, double tuck clean. 14.2

Qi FX: half in half out, double tuck, very hoppy, triple full nice, 2.5 front pike. Good. 13.433

Akhaimova VT: Good Rudi! Step back, but hit nicely!

Carey FX: OOB on moors, ftdlo, double double, doubel tuck. nice 14.333


Tingting FX: Nice triple full small hop, hitting these turns really nicely. Front full to finish.

Biles FX: TRIPLE DOUBLE THE BEST SHE’S EVER DONE IT. Biles small hop forwards. Finishes with Silivas sooo good. Thats sealed the deal for the United States.


  1. USA
  2. RUS
  3. ITA
  4. CHN
  5. FRA
  6. GB
  7. CAN
  8. NED

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