Guan Chenchen: Cheng Fei Made Me Fall in Love With Gymnastics

Known for her playful character, 2020 Chinese Beam Champion Guan Chenchen took a more serious note in a CCTV Sports interview, sharing her ambitions and inspirations in gymnastics that sparked her desire to be a part of the mix for the upcoming 2021 Olympic Games. “To me, the Olympics are a dream- when I was young and hadContinue reading “Guan Chenchen: Cheng Fei Made Me Fall in Love With Gymnastics”


Thank you to Julian Chiao, Monica Kwon, and Olivia Yu for their contributions! Men: Chen Yibing Feng Jing Huang Xu Li Xiaopeng Lu Fuliang Xiao Qin Yan Mingyong Yang Wei Zhang Hongtao Zou Kai Women: Deng Linlin He Kexin Li Shanshan Yang Yilin Zhang Nan

Sport Over Safety? The Tough Choice for College Gymnastics This Season

As COVID-19 has brushed nearly every spot on the globe, it has caused trillions of dollars in economic turmoil, disrupted global travel, and been the sole cause of more than 1.5 million deaths around the world. The risks and uncertainty caused by the deadly virus has upended normal life as we know it, causing schoolsContinue reading “Sport Over Safety? The Tough Choice for College Gymnastics This Season”


Thank you to Julian Chiao, Monica Kwon, and Olivia Yu for their contributions! Women: Deng Linlin He Kexin Huang Qiushuang Jiang Yuyuan Sui Lu Tan Sixin Yang Yilin Yao Jinnan Zhu Xiaofang Men Chen Yibing Feng Zhe Guo Weiyang Teng Haibin Wang Guanyin Yan Mingyong Zhang Chenglong Zhang Hongtao Zou Kai

Li Shijia “Excited” to Show New Upgrades

Following her success at the 2019 World Championships, Li Shijia quickly added herself to the mix for a shot at making the 2020 Chinese Olympic Team. However, with the postponement of the games by one year, plans have been put on hold. In September the Chinese delegation was able to hold a national championship whereContinue reading “Li Shijia “Excited” to Show New Upgrades”

Training, Planning, and Altitude with Ye Zhennan

With only eight months left until the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the Chinese Gymnastics team is hard at work entering the winter training phase of their training schedule- a time dedicated to working on intense physical fitness testing, conditioning, and fundamental elements. “This winter training we need to maintain conditioning results and do the basicsContinue reading “Training, Planning, and Altitude with Ye Zhennan”

2020 Friendship and Solidarity Competition Preview

As a means to make the flaming dumpster fire that was the year 2020 slightly more bearable, the FIG has decided to organize a last-minute major international gymnastics competition to offer the gymnasts some competition exposure in a year that has essentially been a gymnastics drought. The Friendship and Solidarity Competition will be the firstContinue reading “2020 Friendship and Solidarity Competition Preview”


Thank you to Julian Chiao, Monica Kwon, and Olivia Yu for their contributions! Women: Bai Yawen Chen Siyi Huang Huidan Tan Jiaxin Wang Yan Xie Yufen Yao Jinnan Zeng Siqi Zhu Xiaofang Men: Cheng Ran Zhang Chenglong Zhang Hongtao Zhou Shixiong Thank you to Julian Chiao, Monica Kwan, and Olivia Yu for their contributions!


Women: Chen Yanfei Chen Yile Deng Yalan Du Siyu Fan Yilin Guan Chenchen He Licheng Li Qi Li Shijia Liu Jieyu Liu Tingting Lu Yufei Lyu Junliang Luo Huan Qi Qi Qian Xuejia Shang Chunsong Tang Xijing Wei Xiaoyuan Yin Sisi Yue Yue Zhang Jin Zhou Ruiyu Men: Deng Shudi Huang Zenan Lan Xingyu LinContinue reading “2020”

Liu Tingting on Training and Chickenpox

Weeks leading up to the 2020 Chinese National Championships, Liu Tingting was was forced to isolate for two weeks after contracting the Chickenpox virus. “I had to isolate in my room for 2 weeks. Because this competition was really close, getting back into shape was kind of difficult. Although it was difficult, I’ve gradually gottenContinue reading “Liu Tingting on Training and Chickenpox”