Taiwan’s Tang Chia-Hung: ‘The biggest change after the Olympics is now I have more fans’

Following a successful showing at the 2022 Asian Championships, the Taiwanese men qualified a full team for the 2022 World Championships in Birmingham later this year as expected. Taiwan placed third in team qualifications, trailing Japan by only 0.289 and ahead of South Korea by 0.944. Olympian Tang Chia-Hung was a major contributor to theContinue reading “Taiwan’s Tang Chia-Hung: ‘The biggest change after the Olympics is now I have more fans’”

Game Changers: Tang Chia-Hung

Like most gymnasts, Tang Chia-Hung first got into gymnastics when his parents noticed his hyperactivity. His father even recalled hanging sandbags from Chia-Hung’s feet to get him to calm down. The ultimate solution to tame his restlessness was to sign him up for gymnastics. Now at 25, Tang Chia-Hung made history for Taiwanese gymnastics byContinue reading “Game Changers: Tang Chia-Hung”

Gymnastics Resumes in Taiwan

This week would have been the week of event finals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, but because of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, all gymnastics has been put on hold: except in Taiwan. Taiwan was able to swiftly control its outbreak back in March and has not reported a single attributed death since May. The timely protocolsContinue reading “Gymnastics Resumes in Taiwan”