Spotlight on Turkey and Italy at the 2022 Mediterranean Games

The Italian women and the Turkish men stole the show at the Mediterranean Games, held in Oran, Algeria. Both teams clinched the team titles as well as multiple individual event titles. Heading the Italian women and the Turkish men, Martina Maggio and Adem Asil, respectively, showed off their true capabilities by winning team, all-around, andContinue reading “Spotlight on Turkey and Italy at the 2022 Mediterranean Games”

2019 World Championships Preview

Before the World Championships have even begun, we’ve already had some interesting developments- mainly concerning team selection (don’t even get me started). Barring from anymore surprises, here are some I’ll be looking for Let’s get the obvious out of the way first, the American women have won the team title at every single World ChampionshipsContinue reading “2019 World Championships Preview”