Chinese National Games Women’s Team Final Recap

A dramatic finish ensued in Xi’an with the reigning National team Champions, Guangdong, reclaiming the title. The team of Bi Qingqing, Liu Tingting, Luo Rui, Ou Yushan, Sun Xinyi, and Wu Ran finished comfortably ahead of the second place team, Anhui. In third, Beijing made a last minute comeback in the final rotation to edgeContinue reading “Chinese National Games Women’s Team Final Recap”

Li Shijia Makes Comeback at National Games

Chinese National Games, a quadrennial meet that is considered the most important domestic competition in China, is winding up this week with gymnasts all over China representing their respective provinces. Among the most anticipated comebacks we’ll see at National Games this year is Li Shijia, who is coming back from a knee injury that tookContinue reading “Li Shijia Makes Comeback at National Games”

Chinese Women Confident After Podium Training

After the first day of podium training at the Olympic Games, Team China had the opportunity to talk to the press for quick thoughts following training: Tang Xijing: I basically the same feeling as training at home, here [the vault] is just a little firmer. At home no matter how many times I did thisContinue reading “Chinese Women Confident After Podium Training”

Li Shijia Early July Knee Injury Update

After suffering a knee injury on vault at the first Olympic Trials selection camp, Li Shijia returned to Sichuan, her home province, for recovery. Upon arrival she was diagnosed with an acute bone injury. Although not too serious, it has caused her to withdraw from Olympic contention. According to the video, Li Shijia was addedContinue reading “Li Shijia Early July Knee Injury Update”

Zhang Jin Tops All Around at Second Round of Chinese Olympic Trials

In the ongoing process of selecting the athletes who will represent China at the Tokyo Olympic Games, news came out of Shanghai that Zhang Jin, Tang Xijing, and Lu Yufei finished top three in the all around respectively. Zhang Jin finished in the top spot with a 56.399, Tang Xijing second with a 56.365, andContinue reading “Zhang Jin Tops All Around at Second Round of Chinese Olympic Trials”


Thank you to Julian Chiao, Monica Kwon, and Olivia Yu for their contributions! Men: Chen Yibing Feng Jing Huang Xu Li Xiaopeng Lu Fuliang Xiao Qin Yan Mingyong Yang Wei Zhang Hongtao Zou Kai Women: Deng Linlin He Kexin Li Shanshan Yang Yilin Zhang Nan

Sport Over Safety? The Tough Choice for College Gymnastics This Season

As COVID-19 has brushed nearly every spot on the globe, it has caused trillions of dollars in economic turmoil, disrupted global travel, and been the sole cause of more than 1.5 million deaths around the world. The risks and uncertainty caused by the deadly virus has upended normal life as we know it, causing schoolsContinue reading “Sport Over Safety? The Tough Choice for College Gymnastics This Season”


Thank you to Julian Chiao, Monica Kwon, and Olivia Yu for their contributions! Women: Deng Linlin He Kexin Huang Qiushuang Jiang Yuyuan Sui Lu Tan Sixin Yang Yilin Yao Jinnan Zhu Xiaofang Men Chen Yibing Feng Zhe Guo Weiyang Teng Haibin Wang Guanyin Yan Mingyong Zhang Chenglong Zhang Hongtao Zou Kai