Amplifying AAPI Stories: Anna Glenn

During the live broadcast of the 2017 U.S. Classic, Morgan Hurd had just dismounted beam. The NBC commentators were gushing over Hurd’s talent and gymnastics potential when they said one line that made me spit out my water: “I have a feeling if China could take her [Hurd] back they would take her back inContinue reading “Amplifying AAPI Stories: Anna Glenn”

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Jiang Yuyuan: My Olympics

Note: this interview took place on November 11, 2008 Jiang Yuyuan’s teammates were yelling at her, “put it in the bucket! Put it in the bucket!” Yuyuan was holding a squid she plucked from the beach. Smiling, she dropped the squid into a small blue bucket and filled it with seawater. The national gymnastics teamContinue reading “Jiang Yuyuan: My Olympics”