Liu Tingting: “The falls from team finals taught me to become braver, face problems, and overcome myself”

The 2018 World Champion on the balance beam, Liu Tingting, came to the 2019 World Championships prepared to defend her title and compete in a world championships all-around final for the first time ever. Unfortunately several falls in the team final caused her to withdraw from the competition. Tingting came back strong during the barContinue reading “Liu Tingting: “The falls from team finals taught me to become braver, face problems, and overcome myself””

2019 World Championships Women’s Team Final Live Blog

The United States is the obvious gold medal favorite, but I’m excited to see how the other teams rank in comparison, and the battle for the bronze. Marching in is happening and Melanie did this. GOLD 👑 #Stuttgart2019 — Something about Brenda (@Pamchenkova) October 8, 2019 McCallum VT: Easy DTY, small hop back.Continue reading “2019 World Championships Women’s Team Final Live Blog”

Recap: 2019 World Championships Women’s Qualifications

It was a lot, I know I know. Let’s unpack everything that just happened in women’s qualifications. Lets’s start with Belgium. Belgium competed in the second subdivision and did their job to qualify a full-team to Tokyo. Belgian star, Nina Derwael, qualified first into the bars final as expected with a spectacular routine featuring her NabievaContinue reading “Recap: 2019 World Championships Women’s Qualifications”

2019 World Championships Preview

Before the World Championships have even begun, we’ve already had some interesting developments- mainly concerning team selection (don’t even get me started). Barring from anymore surprises, here are some I’ll be looking for Let’s get the obvious out of the way first, the American women have won the team title at every single World ChampionshipsContinue reading “2019 World Championships Preview”