Chinese National Games Women’s Team Final Recap

A dramatic finish ensued in Xi’an with the reigning National team Champions, Guangdong, reclaiming the title. The team of Bi Qingqing, Liu Tingting, Luo Rui, Ou Yushan, Sun Xinyi, and Wu Ran finished comfortably ahead of the second place team, Anhui. In third, Beijing made a last minute comeback in the final rotation to edge Zhejiang out of bronze.

Here are some highlights from the broadcast:

With team Fujian beginning on beam, we were treated to the delight that is Qiu Qiuyuan, a 2007 juior, who received the highest beam score of the entire meet – and deservedly so. Smooth connections, fantastic dance elements, and beautiful rhythm reminiscent of 90’s Chinese beam culminated in a 14.6 (and 6.4 D-score!)

We then moved on to the second rotation where Guangdong really differentiated themselves thanks to gorgeous routines from veteran Liu Tingting (14.466) and newcomer Luo Rui (14.5)

While Guangdong was finessing bars, Beijing was over on beam and Tang Xijing showed us why she’s an Olympic silver medalist.

Tang’s 14.133 secured the highest beam score for Beijing

We also got a Li Qi sighting – one in which she missed her foot on a stag jump and casually defied physics.

#Li Qi things

Although nowhere near their potential, Guangdong had a steady beam rotation that helped strengthen their lead going into the final rotation

Heading into the final rotation, Zhejiang had a small edge over Beijing. Zhejiang was finishing on floor while Beijing was wrapping up on vault. In order to snag the bronze medal, Tang Xijing knew she had to throw her most difficult vault:

the double-twisting Yurchenko

Thanks to Tang, Qi Qi, Du Siyu, and Wang Yan, Beijing pulled off the highest-scoring vault rotation of the meet and edged out Zhejiang for the bronze medal.

Team Anhui had a steady meet and was lead by standouts He Licheng, Yue Yue, and Xiang Lulu who helped carry the team to the silver medal.

The final standings were Guangdong, Anhui, Beijing, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hubei, Hunan, and Henan respectively.

The meet continues tomorrow where men and women will contend for day one of event finals.

Meet schedule


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