Chinese Women Confident After Podium Training

After the first day of podium training at the Olympic Games, Team China had the opportunity to talk to the press for quick thoughts following training:

Tang Xijing: I basically the same feeling as training at home, here [the vault] is just a little firmer. At home no matter how many times I did this vault it was fine. However I think it shouldn’t be a problem, I can adjust.

Guan Chenchen: I think beam training has been going pretty well. My knee has been a little bit swollen but I have been training normally so it’s not a big issue.

Ou Yushan: Vault has been going well, on bars I was able to overcome a small issue, beam was also pretty good – no big issues.

Lu Yufei, Tang Xijing and Zhang Jin were the only three who did all around during podium training. They are also slated to be the only three to do all around during qualifications.

Photo from @祝福体操小花们

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