Training, Planning, and Altitude with Ye Zhennan

With only eight months left until the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the Chinese Gymnastics team is hard at work entering the winter training phase of their training schedule- a time dedicated to working on intense physical fitness testing, conditioning, and fundamental elements.

“This winter training we need to maintain conditioning results and do the basics to specialized types of conditioning. Specific skills and specific strengths finally are part of the further advancement towards the Olympic gold medal,” Ye Zhennan, director of gymnastics said.

“When the National Gymnastics team coaches do the research plans for the war [the competition], they never forget the past training experiences. The training rhythm, load, and test are planned in extreme detail to guarantee the best competitive, physical, and mental state. At the same time, taking into account the success at the Beijing Olympics, we believe we must find the gold points to help the team make the right technical preparations.”

To boost the physical and psychological aspects of the training, the men and women’s team left the national training center in Beijing to train in alternative locations for two weeks.

“The men went to the Nanjing Sports Institute to train- we chose a relatively closed training environment. The women’s team went to Kunming to try altitude training and improve their cardio training. There they will do physical fitness exercises, mental adjustments, and technical tasks. This training plan sets the foundation for the next stage and to gradually enter the complete set of training.”

Source: 潇湘晨报

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