Tang Xijing: “I want to thank coach Qiao and big sister Tingting”

Two falls on the balance beam unfortunately cost Tang Xijing a spot for the all-around final at the 2019 World Gymnastics Championships due to her teammates, Liu Tingting and Li Shijia, qualifying ahead of her. However, a disastrous performance for Tingting during the team final caused her to withdraw from the all-around final, allowing Xijing to take Tingting’s spot.

Given the opportunity to compete, Xijing had a fantastic day and finished in second place with a 56.899, claiming the silver medal. In an interview following the competition she stated,

“Today during the competition I told myself to stay calm. Distractions off the competition floor don’t matter, do the best you can do, focus on what you need to do and let go.”

“I treated these world championships the same as a training camp. I Imagined I’m back at the National Training Center, slowly doing each skill. Do it, finish it, forget about it if it’s not good, and don’t think about skills too far ahead.”

“I’m extremely thankful for coach Qiao and big sister Tingting. If not for their decision, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to compete, and achieve the silver medal. Big sister Tingting came to the arena today to cheer me on, encourage me, and allow me to relax my mind to go over the most important parts. I won this precious silver medal today, the meaning it has to me is my distance to Tokyo is a step closer.”

Photo: Xinhua News

2 thoughts on “Tang Xijing: “I want to thank coach Qiao and big sister Tingting”

  1. Thank you for the wonderful article.
    I wanted to ask, in the past you translated a Xiao Ruoteng vlog video of his Weibo. Are the more videos like this one? By any of the chinese gymnasts? If you are able to find more vlogs, I will be so thankful if you would upload and translate them.
    Thank you for this incredible site & fantastic Youtube channel

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